BAIF Development Research Foundation

BAIF’s mission is to create opportunities of gainful self-employment for the rural families, especially disadvantaged sections, ensuring sustainable livelihood, enriched environment, improved quality of life and good human values. This is being achieved through development research, effective use of local resources, extension of appropriate technologies and upgrading of skills and capabilities with community participation. BAIF is a non-political, secular and professionally managed organisation.

CARE International Mozambique

CARE International started working in Mozambique in 1986. We provided emergency assistance to people who were forced to flee their homes in the civil war. CARE now focuses on long term projects, such as educating and supporting farmers, and working to slow the spread of HIV.

Much of our work in Mozambique is focused on helping families to earn a decent living. CARE assists with the setting up of small savings and loans groups so local people can start small businesses. Women are often at the heart of these schemes and a lot of rural or village-based savings and loans projects are run by women.

CARE also focuses on helping farmers who are vulnerable to crop failure year after year. Our programmes help them to increase crop yields and improve their farming methods. We help farmers in drought-prone areas to protect themselves against and prepare for natural disasters. Another important aspect of this work is assisting farmers to get their products to market so they can earn a profit on their goods.

CARE is also working to slow the spread of HIV and AIDS. We focus on those who are particularly vulnerable, such as migrant and commercial sex workers, young people and women with low incomes.

International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

ILRI works with partners worldwide to help poor people keep their farm animals alive and productive, increase and sustain their livestock and farm productivity, and find profitable markets for their animal products. ILRI is a member of the CGIAR consortium of 15 research centres working for a food-secure future. ILRI has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, a principal campus in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and other offices in southern and West Africa and South, Southeast and East Asia.