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The imGoats Inhassoro innovation platform holds its seventh meeting

On 6 November 2012, the imGoats Inhassoro innovation platform held its seventh meeting at Maimelane, Inhassoro, Mozambique.

It was the second innovation platform meeting where participants came by their own transport, the first one being the innovation platform meeting held on 26 July 2012.

Sixteen participants took part in the meeting including producers, community leaders, paraveterinarians, extension officers and researchers.

The following topics were discussed:

  • Fairs and commercialization
  • Communal grazing areas (including good and bad practices)

There was also a group exercise to examine the functioning and management of the innovation platform. Producers and paraveterinarians formed one group and government and community leaders formed a second group. The discussions addressed the following questions:

  • What went well in relation to the innovation platform meetings and their facilitation?
  • How can we improve the facilitation of  the innovation platform meetings?
  • How can we overcome the challenges related to facilitation of the meetings?

The two groups then presented their answers in a plenary session.

Download the report of the seventh imGoats Inhassoro innovation platform meeting

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