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Paravets imGoats Mozambique finished their training

Last Saturday (February 18) 15 imGoats paravets finished their training on goat health, treatment and commercialization. The paravets were selected by their community members to participate in the training, resulting in 1 paravet per community in which the project is operating. The training was undertaken over 3 weeks – one week in October, November and February – and included theory as well as practice. The training was given by CARE project officer, Amosse Maheme, and extension officer, Felicio Majesso.

The paravets learnt to identify diseases and to treat diarrhoea, abscesses, wounds and (preventatively) ticks and internal parasites. They also learnt how to calculate treatment doses (see photo). In addition to health treatment, the paravets received training on the commercialization of goats. This included the use of weighing scales, live weight pricing and aggregation of goats in their community.

The training ended with a written exam of 8 questions and a group discussion about the correct answers. Afterwards, each paravet received a certificate. Moreover, each paravet received boots, a calculator and a ‘starter kit’ (green back pack on the photo) to ensure they each had all the required material to operate in the field. The kit included materials such as a weighing scale and medicines. As follow-up, in the field the paravets will be supported by CARE staff with the implementation of their activities and to consolidate the information on which they have been trained in a practical, hands-on manner.

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