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The imGoats Jhadol-Kanthariya Innovation Platform holds its fourth meeting

Woman and goats in Udaipur, India

The fourth meeting of the Jhadol-Kanthariya innovation platform was held on 12 December 2011. During the third meeting, participants felt that more representation from the villages was needed to in order to make the meetings more participatory and facilitate flow of information between the innovation platform and the villages.

Goat keepers’ representatives were nominated by the groups in the respective villages to participate in the innovation platform meeting. This increased the number of community members participating in the innovation platform meeting by twelve.

The fourth innovation platform meeting began by orienting the new community members to the innovation platform followed by discussions on the two key action points: collection of faecal samples for analysis at the Animal Husbandry Department in Udaipur, and organizing for sale of animals.

Download the report of the fourth Jhadol-Kanthariya IP meeting.

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