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The imGoats Inhassoro innovation platform holds its second meeting

The second imGoats Inhassoro innovation platform meeting

Participants at the second imGoats Inhassoro innovation platform meeting, 26 July 2011

On 26 July 2011, the imGoats Inhassoro Innovation Platform (IP) held its second meeting at Mangungumete in Inhassoro District, Mozambique facilitated by CARE Mozambique.

Some 25 value chain actors were present, representing producers and community leaders, retailers, paravets, government officials, and buyers.

During the first IP meeting held on 26 May 2011, participants identified and prioritized a number of challenges and opportunities in the goat value chain.

The second IP meeting was held in order to identify concrete actions to address one priority challenge identified during the previous meeting related to the goat value chain in Inhassoro.

From the three key issues identified during the first IP meeting (limited goat production, organization of producers and infrastructure), participants opted to discuss the issue of organization of producers.

The identified challenges were centred around poor coordination among the value chain leading to lack of collaboration. Two approaches towards addressing these challenges were identified as organizing markets (‘feiras’) and identifying communal grazing areas.

Most of the follow-up action points for the next two months were related to organizing goat markets. It was agreed that the organization of communal grazing areas would be discussed during the third IP meeting.

Download  the report of the second imGoats Inhassoro innovation platform meeting

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